November 10, 2011

Month Twelve

Dear Violet,

Oh my, Violet, this letter is overdue.  You are now *technically* almost 18 months old, and I have somehow put off writing this for six months.  A lot has happened in these six months, including your learning to walk!  Your approach to life seems to be displayed in your learning to walk.  You have never been in much of a hurry, far preferring the process to the destination.  You are the same with language.  You learn a word, say it all the time, for everything, then you move onto a new word, and we dont hear to the old one again.  Right now its "puppy!"  everything is "Puppy!"  It used to be "kitty", or "cheese".


You LOVE your blankie, and I think the cutest thing in the universe is that as soon as you touch your blankie your thumb immediately goes into your mouth.  

You are an absolute jokester....  you LOVE making games and jokes, and you have the most hilarious fake laugh.  You will find something funny, and then you repeat it over and over, making sure everyone sees and you give your fake laugh to show how funny it is. 


You were perfectly content to sit back and smile at people, loving every moment of interaction.  I love nothing more than your big smile with the goofy four teeth and a gap between.  You say "Hi" over and over again, and it is wonderful.  I adore your little "Hi!" and you know just when to say it, especially to new people.  You'll also say it to me when you are crawling along and then stop to look up.  You can take about six steps on your own.  You'll do it, then thats about it, you are perfectly fine keep crawling.

You are the sweetest, my dear Violet.  I love you to pieces.

Love, Mama

October 20, 2011

Month Eleven

Dear Violet,

Amazingly, you are almost a year old.  I still think of you as a baby, Violet, and you continue to grow up despite that.  You have a few more words this month including "kitty" and "Hi", and you have even paired them together with "hi, kitty!"  Except "kitty" comes out more like "kih".  


You are thoroughly unhappy about your Halloween costume, and this year, like your sister, you are going as a ladybug.  In fact, she picked your costume for you.  Mainly, I am lazy.


Your father and I took our first major vacation away from you and your sister since either of you were born.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but from everything I have heard, you did great.  I think you both did.  Of course we missed both of you, but scarily, not as much as I had expected to....   Lets just say it was a nice break for us.

Next month is your birthday, and I cant wait to start planning your party!  Im excited that this will be the first big event only about you (aside from your baptism, but you were too young to notice then).  My prediction is you will be very exited about your cake and you will love the attention.   

You have take a few steps, maybe a handful, but you aren't terribly interested in repeating those.  You will stand constantly, unless you want to be held (which is often), but I am guessing you have another month or two until you are ready to really walk.  We are ready though, Violet.  Its time for you to be able to chase your sister around on the playground.

You are my sweet sweet girl, and I love you forever.


October 06, 2011

Month Ten

Dear Violet,

You are the sweetest baby.  I finally stopped breastfeeding you, and I think you are quite happy about that.  I dont think I was keeping up these last couple of months, and you finally seem to getting enough to eat.  At least you seem a lot like your old happy self.

Feeding her sister

The most exciting thing this month is that you are talking!  You now have three words - "Mama", "Dada", and "Uh Oh".  Though if Im being honest here, your first word was "uh oh".  I can only imagine what you are trying to express with that.


You are still a super easy baby, we take you to restaurants all the time.  We give you an assortment of various finger foods (baby cookie, cheerios, and soft fruit) and you happily entertain yourself the whole time.  When you find something new (either to eat or otherwise) you will lift it up above your head as if to show the world:  I AM AWESOME.  You are doing a whole lot of standing, and even some standing on your own without holding on, but my guess is that you are not going to be walking for another month or two.


You are doing pretty well in the eating department, and we are trying to move towards the "feeding yourself" end of the spectrum.  I think you have about a 5% hit rate there.  But you definitely enjoy squishing a banana in your fist, then trying to stuff your fist in your mouth.

At some point in the near future I know I will look at you at think "you're not a baby anymore!" but that hasnt happened yet, and I am dreading that day.  You will always be my Baby Violet.

I love you, sweet girl.



September 09, 2011

Month Nine

Dear Violet,

I cant believe you are already nine months old. The delay in posting this letter is not due to a lack of things to post, but a lack of photos. The problem, Violet, is that we havent really taken you out of the house lately. It has been a record-breaking heat wave here in Texas, and this weekend my plans of getting some outside action shots were hampered by the 109 degree weather. I think you are getting pretty bored being cooped up in the house, and I dont blame you.


That is not to say that you havent been making the best of it. I think one of your favorite activities is to chase after the cats, and shrieking when you see them. Our cat Sophie is your favorite, as she will tolerate you more than Izzy. You love to grab hold of Sophie and try to stuff her into your mouth. When you are doing this you look up at me as if to say "Do you see this? Look at me! I am awesome!", and its true.


Penelope calls you "yummy gooey baby" and is thrilled every morning to see you. She stops whatever she is doing, rushes over to give you a hug, says "Hi gooey baby!", and proceeds to talk baby-talk to you. The two of you play together (or at least next to one another) so well. I expected that she would ignore you, or worse, be jealous of you, but she doesn't seem to do any of that.


You are definitely 100% mobile, can crawl anywhere you want to go, and you have mastered standing as well. You wont necessarily walk while holding onto anything, but you can stand pretty much indefinitely. You also like to talk, but your repertoire is still limited to "ba!" and "rah!"


My favorite thing you do is to flap your arms when you want to be picked up. As soon as I walk in the door every afternoon you flap your arms and want me to immediately hold you. I cant even put my bags down. I think you might be going through a phase of separation anxiety, but overall we are pretty happy to comply.

Its amazing to me how you are already becoming more the toddler and less the baby everyday. I love you Violet, you are my sweet girl.

Love, Mama

July 20, 2011

Month Eight

Dear Violet,

This has been your month of changes, and it seems they have all come at once. You have thoroughly mastered sitting up, and you can now sit in a grocery cart and use a high chair at restaurants. I love that you are finally able to sit with us at the table, and I can tell you think you are pretty awesome too. You aren't a huge fan of solid food though, and you seem a lot more picky than your sister was...though to be fair my memory of two years ago isn't probably all that accurate.


You are chatting up a storm now too. So far your repertoire consists of "rah rah rah rah..." and "ba ba ba ba..." but you say these appropriately, as part of conversation, and you know when to say them. You want to hold, feel, taste, and otherwise examine everything that comes into your view. If its something you've seen before you want no part of it. Only new things. Any only things you aren't supposed to touch. When sitting normally you will open and close your fists as if you are just waiting to see what will stick.

You are crawling now too Violet, at first military style, but by the end of the month you had it down the proper way. For awhile you would go slowly one or two moves at a time, then suddenly, overnight almost, you were taking off across the room. Ive been impressed at how quickly you have mastered this, and now you can cruise around wherever you would like to go. I think this has made parenting quite a bit more challenging, and Im guessing it's only going to get worse from here.


Your other skills this month include moving to a sitting position from a crawl and pulling yourself up to standing position. Within a week I came into your room after a nap to find you first sitting in your crib and then standing. You also have two teeth! They disrupted your naps, but for the most part I don't think you were too bothered by them.


We had some huge excitement this month with two separate trips to the beach. The first was to Galveston for your sister's birthday weekend, and the second was a week spent with Grammy and Grampy in Michigan. Let's just say you "tolerated" the sand. You didn't seem to have any self control against shoving fistfuls of it into your mouth, and then that would make you mad. The only thing that would keep you content on the beach was a handful of watermelon.


Its amazing how cute you are Violet, and those striking blue eyes. I have to say, of course I am biased, but you are a beautiful baby. And your personality has always been so sweet. You sister is still the light of your world, and you hers. No one can make you giggle but her. My sweet Violet, how wonderful life is, now you're in the world.

I love you,

June 20, 2011

Month Seven

Dear Violet,

I am inexcusably late in writing this month. Life seems to be getting busier every day, especially as you learn new tricks and ways to maneuver. You have mastered sitting up. The only time you fall over is when you are busy smiling at someone behind you so that you tip over.


We have been feeding you peas as your first real food after cereal, and you don’t like that at all. You are happy to eat cereal, bite after bite, your little mouth pops open for more. Then comes a bite of peas, and a horrible look comes to your face, and your lower lip sticks out. Its really one of the saddest things Ive seen you endure! I think over time you are getting used to them though. We’ve also tried carrots, and those are much more popular.

You haven’t quite made the progression to crawling, but you are close. You raise yourself up on your hands and rock back and forth on all fours. Then if you want something that is behind you, you will do a 360 degree maneuver on your belly pretty quickly.


Your sister has an insatiable need to touch you and hold you. I think she would smother you with love all day if we let her. As before, you will laugh for her like no one else. The two of you light up each others wold, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me.


We had a couple exciting things happen this month, the most exciting was your father any my first night away from you. You and your sister stayed with Gran and Grandpa while Daddy and I went to celebrate our anniversary in Austin. You did just fine! Of course we missed you both.

Everyone comments on what a mellow baby you are. To this day, you hardly cry or fuss at all. This all depends on how long it has been since your nap or since you've eaten, but as long as you are well fed and rested, Violet, you are happy as can be.

I couldnt have chosen a sweeter, more beautiful baby if I tried. You have the most striking blue eyes and a smile that lights up the room.

I love you baby Violet.

Love, Mommy

May 20, 2011

Month Six

Dear Violet,

You have now been with us for half of a year, and how the time has flown by. It seems like yesterday we spent our afternoons snuggled under a blanket while napping in bed. Now, you dont lie anywhere for long before trying to roll away. You have learned to roll over this month, and I was a bit premature last month when I said you didn’t have much interest in doing it. One day, suddenly, that was all you wanted to do. I put you down, and you roll over before I pull my hands away. From that point came the challenge of sleeping on your belly, and that was not easy. It took about a week, one long and sleepless week. Sometimes you were so tired you would fall asleep before trying to roll over, but besides that, you pretty much protested sleep entirely that week.


We have taken you swimming several times now that the weather is warm, and you are remarkable in the pool. We put you in your floating baby ring, and you just sit there. Floating. For HOURS. Literally, we had friends over and spent the whole time playing while you watched, and you didn’t make a peep. Lately, we have been having to wake you up in the morning so that Penelope can get to school in time. On the weekends, sometimes you will manage to sleep until 8:30am or later! One of these days Violet, I will make this up to you. You have no idea how much I love this about you.


You are making progress towards sitting up, you can do it, but will topple over after only a minute or two. It definitely hasn’t “clicked” for you yet, but Im hoping this month will bring that. Having you sit on your own is a lot more fun for you, but we have brought down the beloved exersaucer and bouncy chair, both loved by everyone. I think the bouncy chair is your favorite, which is funny, because your sister wasn’t all that interested in that at all. You on the other hand will bounce, bounce, bounce for quite a while.

The excitement this month was a a trip out to Lebanon, PA to visit your great-grandmother for her 90th birthday party. You and your sister drew lots of attention, but I suppose that is not hard to do with a party full of old ladies! Regardless, it was certainly the highlight of the month.


You sister makes you laugh like no one else. You’ll stare at her, and then suddenly, out of no where, burst out laughing over something ordinary she did. She loves this of course and then repeats over and over whatever it was that got you laughing. She is total entertainment for you, and I love seeing your relationship bloom.

Other than that Violet, you continue to be a sunbean in all of our lives. Your smiles grab the attention of everyone around you. Sometimes when you are mad you will crinkle your nose, and I have to say, people might not take you very seriously when you do that.

I love you baby Violet, you are pure delight!

Love, Mama