April 23, 2008

31 weeks

Tomorrow I finish my 31st week of pregnancy. In general this has been a completely uneventful and painless experience. I didnt have a single minute of morning sickness, no weird cravings*, no mood swings. The worst I have experienced is the following: I have to pee constantly (I have to get up sometimes 3-4 times in the middle of the night and Ill get a terrible night's sleep), when I dont get good night's sleep Im a complete zombie (luckily the last semester of business school works well with my demanding nap schedule), if I get too hungry it messes me up for the next several hours. Im sure there is more than that. But my sense is that Ive been pretty lucky. Good job, Penelope! Hopefully you wont make up for it when you're a teenager...

*well... I have a serious sugar/carb cravings, but thats not exactly weird. Given past experiences with carbs, eating them makes me want them more, so this could be entirely fueled not by pregnancy but by indulgence...

20 week ultrasound

And our final ultrasound here at 20 weeks. On this day we learn she is a girl! (hopefully... they sometimes make mistakes with that...) She has grown too much to get the crown to rump measurements, but we see in this picture that her tibia measures 2.5 cm. Progress! And look at those legs...those which will later be responsible for kicking me awake in the middle of the night.

Sadly, this is the last of the ultrasounds. I really have enjoyed seeing her every couple of weeks to this point and making sure everything is going okay. Assuming everything stays on track, as it has so far, we will only get the hand held Doppler audio of her heartbeat every two weeks. Still a nice confirmation, but not quite as fun.

13 weeks ultrasound

Here we see sweet Penelope's profile, with some Angelina lips. Perhaps like her cousin, Georgia. This ultrasound was taken during the Nuchal Translucency scan where they measure the amount of fluid behind the neck to determine her risk of Down Syndrome and other genetic disorders. She was fine here which means I dont have to get an amniocentesis. We were also given the option to have a gender test, which has 99.999% accuracy, and we passed on that. Its pretty cool that they can do that, but I couldn't justify the $200 price tag. (Im cheap, sweetheart, but your father is not. I might as well tell you now because you are bound to figure it out soon enough. If you turn out to be a boy then we will talk.)

11 week ultrasound

Here we are at week 11... in three weeks she has almost tripled in size to 4.19 cm. This is my favorite picture of her so far, even though some of the later ones show real features, this one shows little fists and legs and her round little tum. And a brain as big as the rest of her body! She will be well equipped for her future career as an artist. Her due date is now June 25, officially two months from now (when I have finally gotten around to posting this progress).

8 week ultrasound

Here is a photo from our very first look at sweet Penelope.... still tiny. Tiny heartbeat shows up as a flash on the screen. Her crown to rump measurement is 1.62cm, gestational age of 8 weeks exactly. At this point the due date is predicted at July 1, but that will change. Crazy, huh? She looks at bit like a kidney bean at this stage. But it wont be long until she grows legs and toes, and all.