April 23, 2008

11 week ultrasound

Here we are at week 11... in three weeks she has almost tripled in size to 4.19 cm. This is my favorite picture of her so far, even though some of the later ones show real features, this one shows little fists and legs and her round little tum. And a brain as big as the rest of her body! She will be well equipped for her future career as an artist. Her due date is now June 25, officially two months from now (when I have finally gotten around to posting this progress).


Barbie said...

I'm about 10 weeks and my ultrasound picture had a weird shape to the head, I believe it may be the umbilical cord in the picture, but it still worries me :-/ its similar to this picture, but longer by the head! I guess my question is, am I right? Is it most likely the umbilical cord and not a growth?
-new mommy

Claudia said...

Im sure everything is just fine! We didn't have anything like that at all, and what you are seeing is probably just the umbilical cord, like you said. :)