April 23, 2008

13 weeks ultrasound

Here we see sweet Penelope's profile, with some Angelina lips. Perhaps like her cousin, Georgia. This ultrasound was taken during the Nuchal Translucency scan where they measure the amount of fluid behind the neck to determine her risk of Down Syndrome and other genetic disorders. She was fine here which means I dont have to get an amniocentesis. We were also given the option to have a gender test, which has 99.999% accuracy, and we passed on that. Its pretty cool that they can do that, but I couldn't justify the $200 price tag. (Im cheap, sweetheart, but your father is not. I might as well tell you now because you are bound to figure it out soon enough. If you turn out to be a boy then we will talk.)

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Unknown said...

that's nothing in Rome It it costs 200 euros. congrats on your test