May 30, 2008


Im convinced the baby has dropped. I don't really know for sure, and I'm susceptible to just imagining this because everything I read says its supposed to happen around now...even though nothing may have changed and its all in my head. But it feels different - I feel like things are tighter and stretching more down there and it looks different too. I really cant tell for sure, but my next doctor appointment is on Monday. I will be so excited if he thinks so... I am dreading the idea of week after week appoints with no real progress.

In other news we met with her pediatrician yesterday. I quite liked the guy. I think I have a subconscious sexist gravitation toward the older gentleman as doctors (obstetrician, pediatrician, etc.) but he is a 60 year old white guy. I picked him because he went to Stanford undergrad (and Baylor College of Medicine later, which isn't too bad either) and turns out he also rides the MS150 every year. Otherwise, I agreed with his feeding/sleeping philosophy and overall personality so hopefully he will work out. Im not so much enjoying my OB. He's supposed to be very good and I know he knows what he's doing, but his bedside manner is just terrible. He is so impatient with questions and has zero sense of humor. He's not there to make me feel better, so Im okay with it for the most part, but indulge me just a little bit, seriously!

May 27, 2008

Week 36 weigh-in

Had a doctor visit this morning, and we had an ultrasound, which will likely be my last. I was under the impression that the 20-week ultrasound was my last, but I suspect the Dr. thinks I gained too much weight and wanted to give me another one. I will note that my doctor is a complete Nazi about weight gain. He initially recommended I gain a total of 20 pounds. 20 POUNDS! According to some little chart we saw the baby plus associated fluids is 25lbs, and thats without the extra cupcake pounds. So I chalked that up to ridiculous and figured I'd shoot for more like 30, which seems completely reasonable to me. Ive missed that target slightly, but not by much, and he still harasses me every week: "Now you're gaining a bit more weight than we talked about, you know..." Anyway, the Dr. could use a bit of a diet himself. He can barely fit into his lab coat - the buttons are literally pulling apart. So I don't know if its a self-reflection thing he's doing, but I think he needs to LAY OFF.

So, yeah, ultrasound...the only picture we got was one of her labia. I don't think Ill post it here, for some reason, that doesn't seem right. But he confirmed she is definitely a girl (which is good, with all the pink dresses) and calculated her weight at 6lbs. 11oz. Thats big for her age (90th percentile) which scares me, but he says she will only gain one more pound in the last month. That would put her around 8lbs which seems manageable. Otherwise, pretty uneventful... I'm not dilated more than 1/2 cm or so, which he seemed to think was a bit behind. So we have entered the waiting game...

May 12, 2008

week 34!

As of now I am halfway through my 34th week. I am humongous. Seriously. I havent gained much more than the recommended amount (though I technically have six weeks to go, so we'll see) but, seriously, how is my skin ever going to shrink back to normal? Aches and pains have been okay, other than the pinched nerve in my lower right back, which was terrible for a couple of days. The doctor recommended those obnoxious maternity belts, which I of course scoffed at for several days before crawling into the maternity store nearly in tears. The thing has done wonders. Putting it on makes me feel better immediately. Im told I should not need to wear it constantly soon (Ive been wearing it for almost one week now) so I take it off every so often, but the pain comes back, so back on it goes. Its pretty hideous. But I loooooooove it.