May 12, 2008

week 34!

As of now I am halfway through my 34th week. I am humongous. Seriously. I havent gained much more than the recommended amount (though I technically have six weeks to go, so we'll see) but, seriously, how is my skin ever going to shrink back to normal? Aches and pains have been okay, other than the pinched nerve in my lower right back, which was terrible for a couple of days. The doctor recommended those obnoxious maternity belts, which I of course scoffed at for several days before crawling into the maternity store nearly in tears. The thing has done wonders. Putting it on makes me feel better immediately. Im told I should not need to wear it constantly soon (Ive been wearing it for almost one week now) so I take it off every so often, but the pain comes back, so back on it goes. Its pretty hideous. But I loooooooove it.

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