June 25, 2008

june 25

For nine months i have had this date looming in my head... "June 25", "my life will change by June 25", "the baby will be here on June 25". But the baby's not here! And it looks like she is not coming any time soon! so here I wait! humongous!

June 23, 2008

this. baby.has.got.to.get.OUT

seriously. my due date is in two days. four weeks have gone by and I have made not one single centimeter of progress or change. the doctors are convinced i will be induced on july 2. urrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

June 17, 2008

we have entered the waiting game

Still no progress: 1cm, 60%, -1 station. From the ultrasound the doctor predicted her weight just under 8 lbs. and at 39 weeks he said thats still okay. I know he is concerned about her getting too big, but he said he cant induce now with so little progress. Apparently I need to be further along or the risk of a C-section goes way up. So we wait... He's going on a trip next week and I will be examined by a different doctor (which im actually looking forward to, as charming as he can be) and if still nothing then Ill come in on the 30th (after my due date!) and he will plan to induce on July 2nd no matter what.... urrrggg.... i sooooooooo dont want to wait until July 2!

June 10, 2008

no progress...

urrrrrggggg....... no progress since last week. how is that possible? Ive felt all sorts of false labor, balling up, stretching, tightening, cramping, uncomfortablenesses, so much so that I was afraid to go on a walk in fear of having the baby right there on the sidewalk, and nothing. No progress. And my doctor has informed me he wants to do another ultrasound next week. so i ask "why, whats wrong?" "nothings wrong, i just want to check the size." "what do you mean, why do you think she's too big?" "i didnt say that, i just want to check." WTF?!? I know he's lying, and im going to have a 10 lb. baby induced by c-section, i just know it. I soooooo dont want any of those things. why is he so worried about the size and why wont he tell me anything? I think im in the week 38 delerium. its so friggin hot outside and im so sick of being pregnant. how is it there has been no progress??

June 02, 2008

60% effaced

Went to the doctor's office this morning, and I am 1 cm dilated, 60% effaced, and at -1 station... Seems like progress to me! I know it can go on like this for awhile, so trying not to get too excited. For a week I have been feeling a lot of tightness, stretching, pressure-like, uncomfortableness down there, and Im guessing the two are related... If I were to say my gut feeling (which Im afraid to because Ill jinx it for sure) I dont think it will be a whole lot longer. We'll see.

June 01, 2008

Here is a trial of the Picasa photo posting capability... which do i like better....

Testing PictoBrowser...

Here are a few pictures of the current baby in the family.... she just turned three, so technically she's not a baby any more, but she acts like one, and she will likely be the hardest hit when the real baby arrives. Poor little bitty...