June 10, 2008

no progress...

urrrrrggggg....... no progress since last week. how is that possible? Ive felt all sorts of false labor, balling up, stretching, tightening, cramping, uncomfortablenesses, so much so that I was afraid to go on a walk in fear of having the baby right there on the sidewalk, and nothing. No progress. And my doctor has informed me he wants to do another ultrasound next week. so i ask "why, whats wrong?" "nothings wrong, i just want to check the size." "what do you mean, why do you think she's too big?" "i didnt say that, i just want to check." WTF?!? I know he's lying, and im going to have a 10 lb. baby induced by c-section, i just know it. I soooooo dont want any of those things. why is he so worried about the size and why wont he tell me anything? I think im in the week 38 delerium. its so friggin hot outside and im so sick of being pregnant. how is it there has been no progress??

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