July 23, 2008

For those interested in seeing more pictures of the little peanut, click on a photo, like the one above, to go to the Flickr site which contains all of our recent photos. They are sorted into sets, but you can also see the general collection.

Today Penelope and I are spending the day alone together as her father is attending a workshop. And we'll be alone tomorrow as well! I was pretty anxious about this, but so far so good... She's been asleep in the sling for the past hour or so, and its certainly a good sign that Im posting here.

Last night was one of the worst we've had so far - whereas the night before was the best we've had. Two nights ago she woke up at 3am to eat instead of the usual 1am and 4am, so that gave us a much longer stretch of sleep. But last night... I fed her at 9:30, and we proceeded to try to put her down for the next 3 hours. We tried everything, the girl just would not go to sleep. Come 12:30pm it was time to eat again, and we battled for another hour and a half until she finally fell asleep around 2am. 10pm to 2am - thats four hours of trying everything we could think of to get this girl to go to sleep. Around 3am my heart just sank when she started squawking again but then miraculously just stopped... and was quiet. And then slept until 7am. Ive been keeping track of her sleeping/eating patterns just to find some kind of natural equilibrium we can aim for, and the only really consistent things are always waking up around 7:30am every morning (give or take 1/2 hour) and always having some kind of evening-time freakout. Every night, usually around dinnertime (but last night it came later) she is just inconsolable. I dont think its colic (god, I hope not) because it doesnt last more than a couple of hours, but its certainly the hardest part of our day.

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