August 03, 2008

Month One

Dear Penelope,

Today you turn one month old. As you sleep here next to me, I cant believe how much I’ve gotten to know and love you, and how much you’ve grown in just one month! I’m not sure I ever truly believed you even existed until the doctor laid you on my lap for the first time four weeks ago.

Mom and baby

We’ve started taking you around, showing you the world and getting ourselves out of the house. You’ve made your first trip to the lake house with your cousin Holden. He played in the kiddie pool, but you slept the whole time in your sling. At home you had your first swim in the pool. Daddy and Gran took you in and you actually liked it! I guess everyone likes the pool in a Texas July, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Your first trip to lunch was with your Mama, Daddy, Baba and Yaya to Ziggy’s. And you followed up your first bath by pooping in your towel! Lucky for you we didn’t make you re-do it.


You are a master of escaping your swaddle, even when your father does it. We wrap you up so tight your eyeballs pop out, but you work your little arms up in no time. If we don’t do it you flail your arms around and startle yourself awake, and we really cant have that. You can hold your head up now, and you stare at things, though I have no idea what. Sometimes you break out in the most glorious smile that lights up the room. But Im pretty sure you’re not doing it in response to anything. Perhaps some tiny baby thoughts of milk falling from the sky…. The skill we are becoming most thankful of is your growing ability to get yourself back to sleep when you wake up in the night. If you master that one little girl, I will definitely buy you a pony.

Your father and I have been working hard to get you on a consistent schedule, but some days go better than others. Sometimes its 2am, and we’ve been trying for hours to figure out what’s wrong. Those are the times that break my heart in two. The nights you aren’t the only one crying. You absolutely require a good solid nap in the day, and this requires putting you upstairs where it’s quiet. If you don’t get a long quiet nap you are miserable (we are all miserable). We have to tiptoe around for the first hour, but if you make it that long you are zonked for awhile. Even when the dog sleeps right outside the room and scratches himself, banging thump thump thump on the door. That puts us in a panic. But once youre out youre out. We love that.


My favorite thing about you is the funny faces you make. I know how quickly you will move past this, and I want to hold onto these memories forever. The pediatrician taught us a trick to keep you awake enough to eat, and we have named it the Fish Wiggle. Your Daddy holds you face down and runs his finger up and down your spine. You respond by twisting your fanny back and forth just like a flopping fish. I know its your father’s favorite.


The best part about this month is how much I love you. You are my sweet girl. I loved you the moment I first saw you, the moment the doctor laid you on my stomach, with your tiny bottom lip quivering and your tiny tiny screams. Once the nurses washed you off and wrapped you, your father brought you back to me, and you stared up and grabbed hold of my finger. I knew right then I would love you forever.



Ps. Here is a picture of your father and me on our way to the hospital. Don’t we look terrified?

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