September 02, 2008

Month Two

Dear Penelope,

In your second month you came alive. You absorb every last bit of the world around you, and the glorious smile you practiced last month is here to stay. This month you do it on queue, especially in the morning. My favorite thing to do together is our morning photoshoots when you are all smiles. I take you into the guest room with the light pouring in, and watch you flirt with me – giant smiles, shy smiles, flirty smiles, and I wouldn’t trade a single moment with you.

The highlight of the month was a plane ride and your first trip to Aspen. The flight went shockingly well. You were in a jet engine-induced trance, totally unable to hold your eyes open long enough to fuss about anything. For two weeks, we took long hikes and drives every day. It was the first time you spent any meaningful amount of time in a stroller or car set. In your car seat at home you scream, but out there, you didn’t mind. We figured it was just too hot in Houston, but found when we got home that your car seat was set too small for you….so yeah, we are all learning here. On our car trip up Independence Pass we hoped to show you snow, but no snow! It was cold. And that was your first time you felt that. Other activities included making Memory Plates, taking a trip up the gondola to the top of Aspen Mountain, and having your first picnic. It was a successful first trip, and we are gearing up for your second trip to Chicago in just a few days.

Its cripplingly hot here in Houston, with not much to do around the house, so continue to take you into the pool. We have a tiny swim diaper and quickly figured out why they don’t make swim diapers for two-month olds. Needless to say, we had to heavily chlorinate the pool after your swim.

Our challenge of the month is getting you to take naps for more than a half-hour at a time. You are a good night sleeper, which we obviously don’t want to disturb, but I can tell you need longer naps during the day. You get progressively more grumpy as the day progresses, and by bedtime its clear you are exhausted. I think your short naps are tied to your new connection to the world around you. You don’t want to miss a thing. We’ll put you down, you’ll recharge for a half-hour, and when you wake up we will find you smirking, as if you are thinking we almost tricked you into sleeping but you figured it out.

Another adventure for your second month was getting a passport! You did fantastic, and when the camera guy had problems with the flash, dragging the process on for over a half-hour, you didn’t mind at all, even smiled for the camera.

You seem to like people, being social, and just checking out the world. Already, you know when to turn on the charm, like smiling whenever you meet someone new. The cutest thing I have ever seen is you smiling and cooing at yourself in the mirror. This month has been so much more fun than the last, and I cant wait too see what the next month brings.

Love, Mama

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