September 15, 2008

Penelope's first Hurricane Evacuation!

Here's what Penelope thought about Hurricane Ike
Here is what Penelope thinks of Hurricane Ike. Also included are photos of the destruction on our drive from Lafayette, LA to Houston after the Hurricane, as well as photos of the destruction at our house (click the photo above to see the whole set. Pictobrowser was down, which is what I usually use). We spent Thu.-Sat. nights at Sara and John's, who were very generous to put up with all six of us (me, Dave, Penelope, Floyd, Sophie, and Izzy) and even made us some home cooked meals while we were there. Early Sunday morning we packed up and made the journey home, mainly to assess the damage since we didnt have power (we still dont). We filled up our tank and a five gallon can in Lafayette and stopped to refill in Lake Charles only to find major gas lines! Our line was about 50 cars, but the lines quickly rose to 100 cars or more from Lake Charles through Houston all the way to Giddings, TX. Once we checked out the house we quickly got back on the road and headed to Georgetown, to stay with our second set of generous hosts, Russ and Kathy. Poor Penelope has spent god knows how many hours in the car over the course of this evacuation. We get reports from home that the gas is still impossible to find, and there is little to no food anywhere. We looked to buy a few more gas cans here in Georgetown, but there are none to buy. Not a gas can in the whole town! Not sure when we will return at this point, likely once we have power and after we have packed a cooler full of food.

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