September 20, 2008

This house needs some sleep

Shortly before the hurricane Penelope entered another growth spurt. Usually these require an extra feeding around 2am, and feedings every two hours during the day, rather than every three hours. This only lasts a couple of days and things go back to normal. But with all the hurricane mayhem, she decided she likes to see us at night, so she continued to wake up at 2am. And 5am. And 8am. Every.Single.Night. For two weeks. I think the sleep deprivation kept me from recognizing that she cant still be hungry, and that came right about the time my body started to physically shut down from exhaustion. We're not really sure what to do about this, so we are starting Project We Sleep at 2am and giving her a two-ounce bottle last night, a one-ounce bottle tonight, and no bottle tomorrow night. She of course wants more, but instead she gets the pacifier. If this works, we will try to phase out the 5am feeding over the course of a couple of weeks. At nearly three months old Im confident she gets enough to eat during the day and doesn't need to eat at night. We succeeded in training her to fall asleep on her own, so now we just need her to stay asleep all night long.

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