October 29, 2008


The nap crusade is wearing me out! Just as we made some progress she learned to roll over. And one thing I have learned about Penelope, when she learns something new she like to Practice! Constantly! All the time! Roll Over? Sure! Again? Yes! Again? Yes! Again? Yes! The problem is she refuses to sleep when she is on her tummy. Anyway, I think I got like two hours of sleep last night. So I give you goofy and hilarious giggles:

October 08, 2008

Little Miss Chatty

Within the last day or so Penelope has become particularly chatty. I filmed this video today. She'll carry on like this for quite awhile, though I have to be careful to not interrupt when she is speaking (or laugh...she doesnt like that). I talk, then she talks. I guess thats how conversations work!

October 03, 2008

Month Three

Dear Penelope,

Today you turn three months old. I'd swear the time between these letters is shortening, which scares me, because next thing I know you are going to be walking. Then talking. Then you'll be graduating college!

It’s been an exciting month, some parts great, some pretty terrible. I’ve had so much more fun with you, as you are all about exploring. Your big excitement was discovering your hands! And you are slowly learning to use them. First you adopt a look of complete concentration. Then you slowly reach out both hands, close your fists, and pull toward your mouth. You'll practice that routine over and over, and it doesn’t matter if you have something there or not. You concentrate so hard, it honestly makes me proud. Sometimes you reach out towards me and do it, even though I’m well beyond your reach.


The first trip of the month was to Chicago where you spent time with Grammy and Grampy who started calling you “Lower-lip Louie". When you are about to cry you stick out your lower lip as far as you can, though people don’t take you very seriously when you do it. I think that really bothers you.

Lower-lip Louie

As soon as we got back from Chicago we packed up the car to avoid Hurricane Ike. We went to visit your Godparents, Sara and John, and you seemed to have a pretty great time there. I was worried you’d scare them off of having children, as its probably pretty rough to have an infant as a houseguest. But after three nights, we headed back home to assess the damage. We still didn’t have power, so we shipped off again to spend time with Gran and Grandpa in Georgetown. We were without power for nearly a week, and spent over twenty hours in the car. It was a pretty rough experience to drag you through, but I think experiences like that build character. Hopefully…otherwise, they are just a pain.

Here is the back fence, now down.

The worst part of the month came next, after we made it home, and were just getting settled. You came down with a low fever and the nurse recommended we take you to the emergency room. In hindsight you didn’t need to go, and it was a traumatic experience I wish we didn’t put you through. You’re fully recovered now, but the several nights I spent rocking you in my arms and holding a cool washcloth to your tiny forehead were the worst of my life. I thank God to have a healthy and happy baby, and while I know I cant always protect you, I want you to know that I'll always do my best to make you feel better. It breaks my heart to see you in pain, and like Grammy has always said to me, I wish I could take the pain from you and bear it myself instead. It's true! You'll see one day.

Emergency Room

Let’s hope next month has a bit less excitement. First on the list will be figuring out what to do all day now that your father has gone back to work. We’ve been lucky enough to both be home with you for these first few months, and now that he's gone, we have a few changes that need to happen to make this work. The first is to get you on a consistent routine. You take naps randomly throughout the day so Ive been working to keep you awake for longer stretches and let you take one good long nap mid-afternoon. We’ve also been trying to enforce a strict bedtime routine, where you have your last feeding around 8:30pm followed by an hour of family time before we put you to bed. That hour is my favorite time of the day. We usually sit in your room while you kick on your mat and practice your hand moves. We also read you stories while you look at the pictures. Our biggest goal for next month is to have you sleeping completely through the night. Pray for us all!

In your three short months you have become a beautiful, sweet, and incredibly charming little girl. You father and I are lucky to have you in our lives, and each morning I cant wait to see your smiles that brighten the whole day.

I love you, Peanut Butter,