November 23, 2008

She seems awfully happy for so little sleep

Here is a recent photoshoot to to distract from the ongoing sleep troubles. We had made a LOT of progress, but in the past couple of days everything seems to have fallen apart. I know that happens, and I have to just stick to my guns, but when things fall apart it usually means I have to listen to a lot of hysterical crying and that is never easy. I'm confident the right thing to do is to leave her alone when she wakes up after napping for only 45 minutes, but most days she wouldn't always wake up. There would be some days she would sleep right though, and there would be some days she would wake up talking to herself but then go right back to sleep after several minutes. The past couple of days its been back to the original wake up after 45 minutes and if no one comes in then scream for a very.long.time. Its probably not even all that long, but certainly feels that way.

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adequatemom said...

She is *so* beautiful!

The sleep thing ... it's so hard, isn't it? No assvice from me, but hang in there, in the long run they do all learn to sleep before they head off to college ... or so I'm told!