December 20, 2008

The baptism that very nearly didnt happen

We had been planning Penelope's baptism for months now (the church had limited spots and a long waiting list). We printed cute little invitations, planned the menu, and ordered food and a cake. We had a few people flying in from out of town for the baptism which was taking place last Sunday. On Thursday morning before, I wake up feeling nauseous. By that evening I had a high fever and was shivering under the covers wearing sweatpants, wool socks, a turtleneck, and thick wool sweater. Just as my fever broke I hear Dave moaning in the bathroom with severe vomiting (somehow I never actually vomited through this). By the next morning, both of his parents have come down with it. We got on the phone and told everybody else to stay home, expecting Penelope to come down with it at any time. My Mom came out anyway to help and keep her away from us for the off-chance that she wouldn't get it. Somehow, amazingly, Penelope never got it. My Mom got it! Poor thing, flew all the way out here to help only to spend most of the time in bed. But Penelope never did. We had her baptized, as planned. We canceled the party, but she looked wonderful in the family baptismal dress sent over from my Aunt Kristin. The only word I can think to describe this is a miracle. Ive never been a terribly religious person, but something like this really makes me question that.

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adequatemom said...

Lovely pictures! What a beautiful gown. And you guys cover your Deathly Illness very well for the photos! Congratulations on a special day.