December 29, 2008

Christmas Photos

Here are a bunch of photos from over Christmas. Penelope had a fantastic time, but two things happened right before that really helped: 1) she learned to sit up on her own, and 2) she started really eating solid food. Sitting up allowed her to hang out in the middle of everything and look around smiling at everyone. Solid food seemed to just fill her up, and judging by how much she is shoveling in, she must have been pretty hungry. We had been trying to feed her solids for quite a few weeks now, but she never really took to it until just last week, almost overnight. The instructor in one of our parenting classes said that you know its time to start feeding a baby solid food when they can sit up on their own. I kind of shrugged this off since, how can those things really be related? But then, sure enough, those two things came together at the exact same time! Freaky!

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