January 18, 2009

Sewing Machine

I got a sewing machine for Christmas, and have been working away at all sorts of projects. Here, Penelope is playing with her butterfly, the first thing I made for her. Next, I took it up a notch and made her a dress. Both were incredibly easy, though I cant say they came out entirely perfect. Im totally happy with both, but I recognize the room for improvement! The patterns came out of this book, which is super easy to use.

January 04, 2009


Here is Penelope with her other set of cousins. She loved every minute of being with them.

January 03, 2009

Month Six

Dear Penelope,

Today you turn six months old, and what an amazing month it has been. This month has been a lightning round of new tricks and milestones. You have teeth! Two of them! I suspect there are a few more close behind. You can sit up! And you LOVE eating cereal. We have been feeding it to you over a month now, but you mainly just pushed it right back out of your mouth. Then almost overnight you decided you liked it, and now we can’t give you enough. You’ve gained like 5 pounds this month. You have mastered sitting up as well. It took most of the month, but now when you topple over its usually intentional, though you sometimes still cry. And…for our final trick, though there are still a few more hours you might whip out a few integrals or something, you are basically crawling. This happened on the morning of your first day of 2009, while your mother was still in bed, of course. I guess you decided 2008 was for hanging around, but 2009 was for checking things out. We figured that would be it, and it would take you awhile to piece together exactly what combination of things allowed you to propel yourself forward, but no ma’am. You can cruise around wherever you want to go, albeit in a very military-like maneuver, but I think it still counts.


You’ve become very content to play by yourself. I love to watch you move from toy to toy, turning each one over in your hands and examining. Another great development is sleeping for 11 or 12 hours straight. All the doctors say there is no relationship between feeding solid foods and sleeping, but I don’t buy it. Once you started really eating is when you started really sleeping, and I don’t think there is a thing we could have done to change that. Of course, you still hate napping and wake up several times often refusing to go back to sleep. Oh well.


This month you were baptized, though all the celebratory parties we had planned for the weekend were canceled because we all came down with a terrible stomach virus. You, on the other hand, made it through just fine. Your little immune system protected you from what took down seven of your family members.


This Christmas was the best your father and I have ever had. We watched the pure joy in your eyes looking at the Christmas tree and being around the whole family. You absorbed every last minute of the attention. I have to tell you though, your father got you a wooden ball for Christmas. I think he has been preparing for that long before your birth, and this is something you will learn about his sense of humor. Funny thing is you like it! After Christmas we flew to Florida to spend New Years with Grammy and Grampy along with all the rest of your cousins. They could not get enough of you and were fighting over holding you.


The hardest thing for me this month has been accepting that Im going back to work in a couple of days and will no longer be home every day with you. Especially now that you are so much fun. I’ve loved being with you every day and watching each new skill you master, and I will always be thankful for being here with you for these past six months. It will be so difficult to leave you, and I know it may be hard for you too. You love being with new people, but sometimes you just want your Mommy, and it breaks my heart to think you'll want me and I wont be here for you. Bu there is something I want you to know. One of the toughest challenges facing women today is balancing the drive and ambition they have been working towards their whole life, yet wanting to be home with the babies they love so much. No matter what you choose to do, you need to know that you can be absolutely anything in this world, and go as far as you want to go. Your Grandpa Baba has already determined you will first be eligible to run for president in 2044. Hopefully, I will prove to you by then that you can have both these things in your life.


I love you more than you will ever know, my sweet girl.

Love, Mama