March 08, 2009

Month Eight

Dear Penelope,

You are now eight months old, and you are an absolutely hilarious source of constant entertainment and joy. You have discovered how to talk, and love to chatter on all the time. Your vocabulary is limited to either “ba” or “da”, and pretty much any variation or combination of the two. You say “dada”, though Im confident you don’t know that actually refers to your father. You say “baba”, and though your grandfather would disagree, Im pretty sure you aren’t referring to him either. Otherwise, there is a lot of “dadadada…” And “bababababa…” Sometimes you whisper it as quiet as you can and sometimes you SCREAM it at the top of your lungs. Either way, you know you are talking and we can hear you, and you take absolute delight in that.


You love to stand, and Id say, that is your favorite thing to do since entering this world (maybe besides eating). You can stand and entertain yourself for close to an hour, and are even starting to take teeny tiny steps to either direction to grasp that out of reach toy.


You love to eat, and we give you lots of different things. Id say your favorite food is banana, though yesterday we gave you blueberries and that might be the new favorite. I usually make up batches of food for you in the cusinart like vegetables and brown rice or sweet potato, etc.

I cant help but think how much more personality you have compared to other babies I see. You never stop moving, exploring, touching, smiling, and expressing yourself (sometimes by shrieking). You never just sit quietly observing, you are always ready for more, more, more, and you just cant take in the world fast enough.


This month has been a struggle for your father and I as we have now encountered, what I believe, is our first great failure as parents. A fundamental part of my going back to work has been knowing you are left in good hands while we are away. We found out this month we couldn’t trust your nanny, as I thought we could. It breaks my heart to know you didn’t get the attention you deserved during that time, and I consider it some kind of divine intervention that we caught it when we did. You are perfectly okay, and still happy as can be, but I have learned an incredible lesson this month, and I hope to pass that onto you one day.


You are the brightest source of sunlight in the lives of your father and I, and we thank God for you every day. You, in your eight months, have changed us both so much, and made us better people. I love you, baby girl. You are my favorite little peanut.



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adequatemom said...

Your paragraph about Penelope having so much more personality than other babies really made me smile! I could lift that whole paragraph and change the name to "Gwen" and it would fit perfectly to my daughter too!

Great post - sorry to hear about the nanny! :-o