April 19, 2009

Tangled up in Blue

Penelope really likes Bob Dylan. Watch her boogie down, which she does for most songs really, but she has a special thing for Bob Dylan. You may also notice that she has figured out how to walk. Despite our best efforts to delay this of course, she has pretty much decided this is the only thing she is interested in. That and boogie-ing, of course.

Remind you of anyone?

2C First Bday

Found this picture recently... Can you guess who it is? kinda spooky...

April 03, 2009

Month Nine

Dear Penelope,

You are now nine months old, and I swear, if these teeth don’t arrive within the next few days Im going to go in there and pull them out myself! You are setting new records for lack of naps lately, even for yourself. Your two bottom teeth came in around six months, and since then, nothing. I suspect you have four or even six on their way now, and while you cant tell from these pictures, you are in quite a bit of pain these days.


You have thoroughly mastered crawling, and are becoming quite the expert in walking, though you haven’t taken that first step on your own yet. As long as someone is holding onto your hand, you take off in any direction. Your other new trick is to stand in place, without having to hold onto anything. Its becoming more and more challenging to take you out to restaurants or drag you around town in our futile attempts at pretending our lives are still the same. You used to sit in restaurants enjoying all the people and excitement around you, but now you want to walk. The only thing you want to do is walk and climb.


You still love to talk, and I love the sound of you chattering on. You have added “ma” to your repertoire, so will chatter on “mamamama” which I of course love. You also say “bye” and wave your arm, and it’s the first time you have made a connection like this using language. You know to say bye when you wave your hand, and I think that is just amazing. Its amazing how far you have come.


Went to the rodeo this month, though of course we missed the rodeo, as we somehow manage to do every year. We did see the livestock show, and you loved the animals, especially the baby animals. At one point a baby goat chomped down on your pant cuff, and you quite enjoyed that. I cant wait for the summer and taking you swimming.


I took my first out of town trip for work, and I missed you terribly. You are my sunshine, and I need the sound of your sweet voice every day.

I love you, baby girl.

Love, Mama