June 03, 2009

Month Eleven

Dear Penelope,

I really cannot believe we are one month away from your first birthday. This first year has flown by more quickly than I could have imagined, and the only thing that makes that okay is that each new age surpasses the last as my favorite. As you learn new skills and ways to communicate I think "this is the age, this is my favorite age", but that keeps changing. This month was all about communication. You still talk a lot, but now you are learning that "Mama" means me, and "Dada" means your father, and so on. We have been asking you "Where is your belly-button?" and you point to it. Amazingly. You absolute favorite is to show us the ceiling fans. You point up, make sure we are looking, and then circle your arm to show us the fan goes around and around. There is an air conditioning vent in the family room ceiling that makes a lot of noise when it rains, and when you see it you point up and crinkle your fingers to show us the rain.


Ive learned you like things that come in multiples, for example your blocks. You will take the blocks out of thier box one by one, and then put them back in, one by one. You love to sort. The other day you sat in the driveway collecting leaves from one side of you, and placing them carefully in a pile on the other side. You have a group of plastic gears with holes in the center, and you love stacking them on my extended thumb, and then re-stacking them on the other. One of the many wonderful things about being a parent is watching you learn things on your own. No one taught you to do these, but you are figuring out the world, little by little.


Ive tried for a month to get a picture of you walking carrying something in one or both hands, and its impossible. You love to hold things, as many things as possible, into you tiny little hands. Lately you have been mimicking your father and I, and then you giggle afterwards, clearly proud of yourself. I love this new stage of expressing yourself.

she really just wants his glasses

As usual, this month has been more wonderful than the last. Every day you learn something new and understand the world a little better. You are pure delight, distilled down into a tiny little body.

I love you bugs.

Love, Mama

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Jill said...

So cute! I love that each new age is your favorite age. I was so sad to see Avery getting bigger but finally realized it only gets to be more fun! Now with Austin I don't have the same fear of him getting older and me missing the baby days. I know he'll be funnier and more amazing every day!
Sure wish we could have seen you guys last weekend. Hope Penelope is feeling better.