August 22, 2009

Week at the Beach

Its been a long time... You'll see Ive discontinued the monthly letters. Its something I had been planning, but have already started to miss them. The best part about the letters is that it forced me to have new pictures each month. Luckily, we had a great trip to Michican to visit Grammy and Grampy this month, so Ive got lots of pics to spare. The first set here are various shots from the past month.

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This next set is from our trip, where we spend hours upon glorious hours with Penelope at the beach. At first she was terrified of the sand and refused to even touch her feet to it. That changed after only a few days, and then we couldnt keep her away from it. The waves came crashing in, and she'd run straight for them. Over and over again, giggling and saying "uh oh!" everytime she'd get hit. She has been chatting it up lately, with all kind of new words and noises. Her favorites have been bye-bye, uh-oh, down, ball, and the latest is baby. She points to herself and says "baby!". She also knows other babies when she see's them, including the little baby-doll give someone gave her this weekend.

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