October 19, 2009

Visit with Gran and Grandpa

Here are some shots from our action packed weekend... On Saturday night we went over to Walburg to the Biergarten, and of course had Schnitzel and Spatzel and all the rest in honor of Sara. We had a blast, and I really start to appreciate the child friendly places these days. After dinner, Penelope went and danced to the German music, and she gets really into it. The next day we had a quick trip to the park, and then after our nap we were off to the pumpkin patch! She loved that place, she thoroughly enjoys carrying heavy things and pushing the wheelbarrow. When she would find the next pumpkin she'd point and say "ooooohhhhhh" with total abandon. All in all, the weekend was a success! She even did pretty well in the car for such long trip!

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