December 20, 2010

Month One

*Disclaimer: I plan to keep all of Violet's posts here on Penelope's blog (I know, I know, poor second child, etc.), even though we do have a website for Violet ( it is not yet functional, and probably wont be for some time. At least not until I have two children sleeping through the night, potty trained, college applications complete, etc...

Dear Violet,

You are such a sweet little girl, I cant believe you have been here with us for a month already. You are a pretty mellow baby, we had been swaddling you up since day one, but then we realized you slept just as good without your swaddle. In fact, you seem to vastly prefer to be unswaddled, and you dont seem to have the same problem other babies have with hitting themselves in the face.


We have taken you all around town, and you sleep like a champ wherever we go. We've gone out to lunch a few times, gone to the playground with your sister, gone to the grocery store.


When it comes to the night time, you are like a little atomic clock and will wake up up exactly three hours after your last feeding, all night long. Its kind of amazing, you do it every night. All night. We are exhausted. Im really hoping you can add a few hours to those soon, I really think it would do us all some good. Every couple of nights you will skip a feeding, and it is glorious. Im hoping you can make up for the fact that you were born over nine pounds by learning to sleep through the night pretty early...


The day we brought you home from the hospital your sister came down with a 101 degree fever. The whole house has been sick for just about your entire life. Amazingly, you have managed to be the only healthy one, even with everyone else sneezing and coughing on you constantly including me, the one providing all of your food.


We dont have a whole lot of unexplained crying with you, though lately you have been doing this very "colicy" thing where you dont want to sleep from about 7pm onwards, and come 10pm or so you are so completely overstimulated and exhausted that its hard to get you to go to sleep. The good thing about it though is it will make you sleep a little (only a little) bit longer at night between your feedings.


Your sister completely adores you. She loves to hold your hand and hold you, and give you kisses on your toes. I am so thrilled the two will grow up together as sisters. I never had one, and I hope you two will be life-long friends.

I cant wait until next month when you smile more, and begin to interact with us. I am so exited to see your personality emerge over the next few months and years. I can already tell that you have all your own ways, different from your sisters, and I just cant wait to see what those are.

I love you so much little girl.

Love, Mama

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