January 20, 2011

Month Two

Dear Violet –
You have proven yourself as the most awesome baby ever. If there were a baby award, I would give it to you because you sleep every night, consistently, from about 10pm to 7 or 8 am. It is glorious Violet, and I cannot say enough how great this is. You are just such an easy, happy baby its amazing. During the day I lay you on your back, and you’ll just kick and coo and wiggle around happy and smiling. You are interacting with us so much more too. You smile and coo; it makes my heart melt. You certainly have your moments of angry screaming, but for the most part these are limited to when you are hungry or sleep deprived.


Every baby has their fussy time though, and yours we have dubbed the “evening-time cluster-feeding frenzy” from 8-10pm, like clockwork, every night, you are hungry, unsatisfied, grumpy screamy fussy for a solid two hours. It peaked right around 6 weeks, and is starting to get better now. Its funny though, you behave just like the textbooks say, which is a bit of a change of pace for us.


The big excitement for you this month was certainly Christmas. We spend four days in Georgetown, TX staying at your Gran and Grandpa's house with Uncle Ben, Aunt Steph, and your cousin Holden. For four days straight, Penelope and Holden went BANANAS, and literally the walls were shaking. You (and I) had a hard time sleeping through all of that, but needless to say everyone really enjoyed their time holding and cuddling you. At the end of the weekend the sweetest sight was walking into find you and your Grandpa asleep in a chair together.

Naptime after a big weekend!

The big mystery this month is that you wake up after taking naps for only 45 minutes... just like your sister did. For every.single.nap. And just like with your sister, it is slowly driving me crazy trying to fix it. Im really hoping this doesnt turn chronic like it did with her, she didnt grow out of it until almost 18 months!


I've had a pretty great time with you being home from worth these weeks. You are so mellow and easy, it will make me sad to go back to work. Next thing I know you'll be chatting up a storm just like your sister. While I cant wait to hear what you have to say, Im always going to miss snuggling with you these days. You're pretty good at it.

I love you baby girl.
Love, Mama

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