February 04, 2011

Month Three

Dear Violet,

You are now three months old and passed the point where the doctor’s panic if you get sick. Amazingly, despite three or four fevers and one severe vomiting spell in your sister plus multiple rounds of runny noses and sneezing throughout the house, you have managed to stay healthy through it all. I told your father it would be a miracle if you made it to three months without a fever, and you have. So I guess it was a miracle.


There were two big excitements for you this month, the first being your baptism, where just about all of your extended family made the trip in town. You did wonderfully, didn’t even cry during the baptism itself, but it was clear you were ready to go home and go back to sleep. If there is one thing I know about you Violet, you are a sleeper. I thank the heavens every day for this. You cry for one of two reasons – you are hungry, or you need to go to sleep. I don’t think you have cried for any other reason during your three months here with us. That said… when you are either one of those things you cry HARD. You get ANGRY and that tiny little temper of yours comes out.


The other big excitement this month was your first vacation. We flew to Ocean Reef to see Grammy & Grampy, Baba & Yaya, Uncle Scott, and all your cousins. You did absolutely fine on the plane, hardly made a peep. As for Ocean Reef, we tried to take you to the beach one day, but you would have none of that. You far preferred your air conditioned bed to sleep. You like to sleep, Violet. If anyone gets in the way of that you are not happy. The only problem in Ocean Reef was the emergence of a 4am wake up in you that you are still doing today. We don't like that at all Violet. And it breaks my heart to hear you cry, so we are trying to figure out what to do about that.


My second favorite thing about you is that you are quite a chubby baby. I think you look a lot older than you are. Maybe it isn't even that you are chubby, but “thick” as they airport security lady informed me: “that is one thick baby!”

You love to talk and smile. Sometimes when I hold you while having a conversation with someone else you will interrupt with cooing. Its as if you thought I was talking to you. Once I look down at you, a giant smile breaks out and then you bury your head on my shoulder. You are such a sweet girl.

You have discovered your hands, but not for any other purpose than stuffing them into your mouth. You make a sort of "praying" gesture in front of your chest, then slowly bring them to your mouth (though sometimes, often, you miss your mouth and hit your forehead instead).


Your 45 minute nap persists, but luckily you fall back asleep most days. You are at your best when you have two solid (2+ hour) naps each day along with a late afternoon snooze in the stroller. You are ready for bed around 7pm, and apart from the recent 4am wakeup, will usually sleep until 7am. We have been waking you up around 10pm for another feeding just to see if that helps.

I am going to work next month, and words cannot express how much I will miss you. You are still so small and helpless, and I know how much you need me. When I walk into the room your eyes light up and fix on me. I love you more than you can imagine, Violet. You are a sweetheart through and through.

Love, Mama