March 20, 2011

Month Four

Dear Violet,

I will admit, this has been our hardest month. The worst of it was watching you struggle with a terrible chest cold. You caught this from your sister, of course, but she is older, and her's went away on its own. For you, it turned into a double ear infection and bronchiolitis, which is a precurser to asthma. We had to give you antibiotics for the ear infections and asthma medicine in a nebulizer every four hours for the wheezing and terrible cough. Poor thing, it broke my heart to see you struggle to breathe. You were pretty miserable, but still managed to be your cheerful self through even the worst of it. This has reminded me when, after you were born, the doctors took you to the NICU for about 24 hours because of your elevated breathing rate and fluid in your lungs. Having the same kind of things happening to you again brought me right back to that place, when all I wanted to do was hold you and make you feel better. You are such a sweet girl, I am praying this doesnt become a recurring thing with you.

Tummy Time!

The other downside of your cold is that you have gotten pretty used to someone rushing in to hold you at even the slightest peep throughout the night. Who could blame you? We have been up all night with you, every single night, probably every half hour or so, for a week now. And you have been taking basically 20 minute naps. This whole house is exhausted.

Penelope likes to participate in tummy time.

Apart from all of the illnesses, the next big adjustment was me going back to work. You seemed to do just fine though, and I get the feeling this was a lot harder for me than it was for you. You have also been learning all new tricks lately. You have rolled from your front to back relatively consistantly, and have started showing interest in rolling from back to front. However, you get the process started, then basically just sit there waiting for the rest to happen. You dont seem too concerned whether it happens or not! You are totally into your hands, and can now pretty consistantly bring something to your mouth to chew on. You typically will bring both hands together, then pull them both to your mouth very quickly, without bothering much with the fingers or gripping part of the process.

She really actually isnt even trying to roll over.  She is just laying like that, hoping it will happen.

We are still swaddling you every night. We tried to unswaddle you once, it didnt go well, so we called that off pretty quickly. You are also finally able to stay up for significantly longer stretches of time, and I think you are realizing you prefer to interact and play rather than sleep by yourself in your room. Needless to say, we're all pretty tired this month. Lets hope we get some sleep next month!


You are the sweetest baby in the world, and I love you so much.


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