April 20, 2011

Month Five

Dear Violet,

You are now five months old, and let me tell you Violet, you do not like to sleep unswaddled. You tend to rub your face when you are tired, and I think that really bothers you. You dont seem to know that its you that is doing it. You definitely rub your eyes when you are sleepy which is terribly cute.


I think the cutest thing you do these days is suck your thumb. I know its a terrible habit to start, and I suppose there are things I could do to get you to stop, but its so cute, and you seem to really enjoy it so I just go ahead and let you do it. When I come to check on you after your naps you'll often be rolled onto your side, laying quietly sucking your thumb. If Im being completely honest here, I think it also buys us extra sleeping time, so that may be making a deal with the devil...


In other news this month: you are STARVING. I guess those thigh rolls are catching up with us, because you just cant seem to get enough food. We have been feeding you four oz per feeding, and we have upped that to five, plus Ive now been giving you an extra three oz before bedtime after I have finished nursing you. That started because you were so clearly unsatisfied by the nursing in the evening. We've also started giving you rice cereal. You don't quite know what to make of it, you certainly aren't helping the process at all, but you aren't complaining, and it seems to be going down. Some babies have a reflex to push everything out of their mouths, but you don't do that. I usually have to pull your chin down and shove the spoon in. You are definitely unclear on the concept, but I would call it a success overall, and I think its helping your sleep. These doctors that say sleeping and eating aren't connected are just lying.


You can roll over, but you aren't terribly interested in doing it. You'll do it once, then you don't feel the need to try it again. Your favorite thing is still a little plastic ring. You grip it with one hand and pass it back to the other in between trying to stuff it into your mouth.


You have such a mellow temperament, and things just dont seem to bother you very much. You are sensitive, and your sister will often startle you which will make you cry, but in general you are easy going and happy. Its wonderful.


Your sister is the highlight of your day. You will giggle for her like no one else. She adores you as well, constantly talking to you and wanting to hold you. She loves to take care of you, and I cant wait for you to get a little older so you can keep up with her.

Violet, you continue to amaze me with your sweetness. I couldn't have chosen a more wonderful person to add to our family. I love you, baby girl.

Love, Mama