May 20, 2011

Month Six

Dear Violet,

You have now been with us for half of a year, and how the time has flown by. It seems like yesterday we spent our afternoons snuggled under a blanket while napping in bed. Now, you dont lie anywhere for long before trying to roll away. You have learned to roll over this month, and I was a bit premature last month when I said you didn’t have much interest in doing it. One day, suddenly, that was all you wanted to do. I put you down, and you roll over before I pull my hands away. From that point came the challenge of sleeping on your belly, and that was not easy. It took about a week, one long and sleepless week. Sometimes you were so tired you would fall asleep before trying to roll over, but besides that, you pretty much protested sleep entirely that week.


We have taken you swimming several times now that the weather is warm, and you are remarkable in the pool. We put you in your floating baby ring, and you just sit there. Floating. For HOURS. Literally, we had friends over and spent the whole time playing while you watched, and you didn’t make a peep. Lately, we have been having to wake you up in the morning so that Penelope can get to school in time. On the weekends, sometimes you will manage to sleep until 8:30am or later! One of these days Violet, I will make this up to you. You have no idea how much I love this about you.


You are making progress towards sitting up, you can do it, but will topple over after only a minute or two. It definitely hasn’t “clicked” for you yet, but Im hoping this month will bring that. Having you sit on your own is a lot more fun for you, but we have brought down the beloved exersaucer and bouncy chair, both loved by everyone. I think the bouncy chair is your favorite, which is funny, because your sister wasn’t all that interested in that at all. You on the other hand will bounce, bounce, bounce for quite a while.

The excitement this month was a a trip out to Lebanon, PA to visit your great-grandmother for her 90th birthday party. You and your sister drew lots of attention, but I suppose that is not hard to do with a party full of old ladies! Regardless, it was certainly the highlight of the month.


You sister makes you laugh like no one else. You’ll stare at her, and then suddenly, out of no where, burst out laughing over something ordinary she did. She loves this of course and then repeats over and over whatever it was that got you laughing. She is total entertainment for you, and I love seeing your relationship bloom.

Other than that Violet, you continue to be a sunbean in all of our lives. Your smiles grab the attention of everyone around you. Sometimes when you are mad you will crinkle your nose, and I have to say, people might not take you very seriously when you do that.

I love you baby Violet, you are pure delight!

Love, Mama

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