June 20, 2011

Month Seven

Dear Violet,

I am inexcusably late in writing this month. Life seems to be getting busier every day, especially as you learn new tricks and ways to maneuver. You have mastered sitting up. The only time you fall over is when you are busy smiling at someone behind you so that you tip over.


We have been feeding you peas as your first real food after cereal, and you don’t like that at all. You are happy to eat cereal, bite after bite, your little mouth pops open for more. Then comes a bite of peas, and a horrible look comes to your face, and your lower lip sticks out. Its really one of the saddest things Ive seen you endure! I think over time you are getting used to them though. We’ve also tried carrots, and those are much more popular.

You haven’t quite made the progression to crawling, but you are close. You raise yourself up on your hands and rock back and forth on all fours. Then if you want something that is behind you, you will do a 360 degree maneuver on your belly pretty quickly.


Your sister has an insatiable need to touch you and hold you. I think she would smother you with love all day if we let her. As before, you will laugh for her like no one else. The two of you light up each others wold, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me.


We had a couple exciting things happen this month, the most exciting was your father any my first night away from you. You and your sister stayed with Gran and Grandpa while Daddy and I went to celebrate our anniversary in Austin. You did just fine! Of course we missed you both.

Everyone comments on what a mellow baby you are. To this day, you hardly cry or fuss at all. This all depends on how long it has been since your nap or since you've eaten, but as long as you are well fed and rested, Violet, you are happy as can be.

I couldnt have chosen a sweeter, more beautiful baby if I tried. You have the most striking blue eyes and a smile that lights up the room.

I love you baby Violet.

Love, Mommy

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