July 20, 2011

Month Eight

Dear Violet,

This has been your month of changes, and it seems they have all come at once. You have thoroughly mastered sitting up, and you can now sit in a grocery cart and use a high chair at restaurants. I love that you are finally able to sit with us at the table, and I can tell you think you are pretty awesome too. You aren't a huge fan of solid food though, and you seem a lot more picky than your sister was...though to be fair my memory of two years ago isn't probably all that accurate.


You are chatting up a storm now too. So far your repertoire consists of "rah rah rah rah..." and "ba ba ba ba..." but you say these appropriately, as part of conversation, and you know when to say them. You want to hold, feel, taste, and otherwise examine everything that comes into your view. If its something you've seen before you want no part of it. Only new things. Any only things you aren't supposed to touch. When sitting normally you will open and close your fists as if you are just waiting to see what will stick.

You are crawling now too Violet, at first military style, but by the end of the month you had it down the proper way. For awhile you would go slowly one or two moves at a time, then suddenly, overnight almost, you were taking off across the room. Ive been impressed at how quickly you have mastered this, and now you can cruise around wherever you would like to go. I think this has made parenting quite a bit more challenging, and Im guessing it's only going to get worse from here.


Your other skills this month include moving to a sitting position from a crawl and pulling yourself up to standing position. Within a week I came into your room after a nap to find you first sitting in your crib and then standing. You also have two teeth! They disrupted your naps, but for the most part I don't think you were too bothered by them.


We had some huge excitement this month with two separate trips to the beach. The first was to Galveston for your sister's birthday weekend, and the second was a week spent with Grammy and Grampy in Michigan. Let's just say you "tolerated" the sand. You didn't seem to have any self control against shoving fistfuls of it into your mouth, and then that would make you mad. The only thing that would keep you content on the beach was a handful of watermelon.


Its amazing how cute you are Violet, and those striking blue eyes. I have to say, of course I am biased, but you are a beautiful baby. And your personality has always been so sweet. You sister is still the light of your world, and you hers. No one can make you giggle but her. My sweet Violet, how wonderful life is, now you're in the world.

I love you,

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