September 09, 2011

Month Nine

Dear Violet,

I cant believe you are already nine months old. The delay in posting this letter is not due to a lack of things to post, but a lack of photos. The problem, Violet, is that we havent really taken you out of the house lately. It has been a record-breaking heat wave here in Texas, and this weekend my plans of getting some outside action shots were hampered by the 109 degree weather. I think you are getting pretty bored being cooped up in the house, and I dont blame you.


That is not to say that you havent been making the best of it. I think one of your favorite activities is to chase after the cats, and shrieking when you see them. Our cat Sophie is your favorite, as she will tolerate you more than Izzy. You love to grab hold of Sophie and try to stuff her into your mouth. When you are doing this you look up at me as if to say "Do you see this? Look at me! I am awesome!", and its true.


Penelope calls you "yummy gooey baby" and is thrilled every morning to see you. She stops whatever she is doing, rushes over to give you a hug, says "Hi gooey baby!", and proceeds to talk baby-talk to you. The two of you play together (or at least next to one another) so well. I expected that she would ignore you, or worse, be jealous of you, but she doesn't seem to do any of that.


You are definitely 100% mobile, can crawl anywhere you want to go, and you have mastered standing as well. You wont necessarily walk while holding onto anything, but you can stand pretty much indefinitely. You also like to talk, but your repertoire is still limited to "ba!" and "rah!"


My favorite thing you do is to flap your arms when you want to be picked up. As soon as I walk in the door every afternoon you flap your arms and want me to immediately hold you. I cant even put my bags down. I think you might be going through a phase of separation anxiety, but overall we are pretty happy to comply.

Its amazing to me how you are already becoming more the toddler and less the baby everyday. I love you Violet, you are my sweet girl.

Love, Mama

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