October 06, 2011

Month Ten

Dear Violet,

You are the sweetest baby.  I finally stopped breastfeeding you, and I think you are quite happy about that.  I dont think I was keeping up these last couple of months, and you finally seem to getting enough to eat.  At least you seem a lot like your old happy self.

Feeding her sister

The most exciting thing this month is that you are talking!  You now have three words - "Mama", "Dada", and "Uh Oh".  Though if Im being honest here, your first word was "uh oh".  I can only imagine what you are trying to express with that.


You are still a super easy baby, we take you to restaurants all the time.  We give you an assortment of various finger foods (baby cookie, cheerios, and soft fruit) and you happily entertain yourself the whole time.  When you find something new (either to eat or otherwise) you will lift it up above your head as if to show the world:  I AM AWESOME.  You are doing a whole lot of standing, and even some standing on your own without holding on, but my guess is that you are not going to be walking for another month or two.


You are doing pretty well in the eating department, and we are trying to move towards the "feeding yourself" end of the spectrum.  I think you have about a 5% hit rate there.  But you definitely enjoy squishing a banana in your fist, then trying to stuff your fist in your mouth.

At some point in the near future I know I will look at you at think "you're not a baby anymore!" but that hasnt happened yet, and I am dreading that day.  You will always be my Baby Violet.

I love you, sweet girl.



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