October 20, 2011

Month Eleven

Dear Violet,

Amazingly, you are almost a year old.  I still think of you as a baby, Violet, and you continue to grow up despite that.  You have a few more words this month including "kitty" and "Hi", and you have even paired them together with "hi, kitty!"  Except "kitty" comes out more like "kih".  


You are thoroughly unhappy about your Halloween costume, and this year, like your sister, you are going as a ladybug.  In fact, she picked your costume for you.  Mainly, I am lazy.


Your father and I took our first major vacation away from you and your sister since either of you were born.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but from everything I have heard, you did great.  I think you both did.  Of course we missed both of you, but scarily, not as much as I had expected to....   Lets just say it was a nice break for us.

Next month is your birthday, and I cant wait to start planning your party!  Im excited that this will be the first big event only about you (aside from your baptism, but you were too young to notice then).  My prediction is you will be very exited about your cake and you will love the attention.   

You have take a few steps, maybe a handful, but you aren't terribly interested in repeating those.  You will stand constantly, unless you want to be held (which is often), but I am guessing you have another month or two until you are ready to really walk.  We are ready though, Violet.  Its time for you to be able to chase your sister around on the playground.

You are my sweet sweet girl, and I love you forever.


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