November 10, 2011

Month Twelve

Dear Violet,

Oh my, Violet, this letter is overdue.  You are now *technically* almost 18 months old, and I have somehow put off writing this for six months.  A lot has happened in these six months, including your learning to walk!  Your approach to life seems to be displayed in your learning to walk.  You have never been in much of a hurry, far preferring the process to the destination.  You are the same with language.  You learn a word, say it all the time, for everything, then you move onto a new word, and we dont hear to the old one again.  Right now its "puppy!"  everything is "Puppy!"  It used to be "kitty", or "cheese".


You LOVE your blankie, and I think the cutest thing in the universe is that as soon as you touch your blankie your thumb immediately goes into your mouth.  

You are an absolute jokester....  you LOVE making games and jokes, and you have the most hilarious fake laugh.  You will find something funny, and then you repeat it over and over, making sure everyone sees and you give your fake laugh to show how funny it is. 


You were perfectly content to sit back and smile at people, loving every moment of interaction.  I love nothing more than your big smile with the goofy four teeth and a gap between.  You say "Hi" over and over again, and it is wonderful.  I adore your little "Hi!" and you know just when to say it, especially to new people.  You'll also say it to me when you are crawling along and then stop to look up.  You can take about six steps on your own.  You'll do it, then thats about it, you are perfectly fine keep crawling.

You are the sweetest, my dear Violet.  I love you to pieces.

Love, Mama

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